Takhmina M

She has gathered significant expertise in many facets of the real estate market over the years, including leasing, sales, property management, and government relations. She currently plays a crucial role in managing and guiding the entire staff. She is in charge of the company’s business development and marketing strategy, as well as mentoring and training real estate brokers. She has proven the efficacy of her strategies with her extraordinary abilities by guiding the business through trying times and encouraging its expansion. She was also instrumental in establishing branch offices for the corporation in Abu Dhabi and Russia, substantially extending its impact and reach.

Ghofran Alhaj

Over the past six years, Ghofran has developed her business and professional sales talents, showcasing her proficiency in administration, human resources management, and hiring. Her background has given her a thorough awareness of these areas, allowing her to easily negotiate the complexities of Dubai’s real estate market. Ghofran has a profound understanding of the local laws and ordinances, enabling her to give her clients accurate and current information. She also takes great satisfaction in providing exceptional customer service and going above and beyond to satisfy the demands of her customers. Ghofran has established herself as a respected and in-demand professional in the real estate industry thanks to her relentless dedication to efficiency and a history of producing outstanding outcomes.

Mohamed Alzohery

Since 2015, Mohamed has worked as a seasoned professional in a variety of industries within the Dubai real estate industry. He is a tremendous addition to the sector due to his proficiency in Arabic and in-depth knowledge of Dubai’s rules, regulations, market trends, and prime investment locations. Despite focusing on villa communities, he has significant knowledge of other communities throughout the city thanks to his more than 8 years in Dubai. Mohamed stands out for his dedication to offering first-rate customer service and upholding the highest levels of professionalism. Customers can rely on his experience to get the best advice and support possible as they navigate the Dubai real estate market.

Othman Shariff

Othman just joined Panorama Luxury Properties, bringing a wealth of international experience from a variety of nations and sectors to the team. He stands out from other agents in the industry thanks to his great individual service, which is combined with a profound sense of professionalism, knowledge, and honesty. Othman’s constant devotion and dedication ensure that he not only meets but also exceeds the expectations of his clients. He stays by their side the entire time, offering helpful direction and counsel at every turn. You may be confident that with Othman, your requirements will be carefully attended to and your real estate goals will be accomplished with the utmost care and skill.


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